Yumi matsutoya - u-miz

List of best-selling albums by foreign acts. Aside from the Japanese-language materials recorded by either domestic or East Asian acts, only twenty-one out of all of ...

This is the list of the top-selling albums in Japan, based on data compiled by Oricon. Prior to January 1987, the domestic albums chart was separated into LPs (created in 1970), cassette tapes (introduced in 1974) and compact discs (launched in 1985), until their unification, which remains the current form. It is worth noting that Oricon only takes into consideration physical sales for its charts, meaning that digital purchases are excluded. [6] [7] [5]

Yumi Matsutoya - U-mizYumi Matsutoya - U-mizYumi Matsutoya - U-mizYumi Matsutoya - U-miz